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This premium hair mask contains 7 oils including: Argan, myrrh, macadamia, ojon, sweet almonds, jasmine, and rosemary. Perfect for dry hair in need of immediate hydration and nourishment. These 7 powerful oils work together to deliver antioxidant-rich nutrients to hair that looks and feels healthier in one or 2 applications. This gentle, daily-cleansing formula increases manageability, smoothness, and shine on all hair types. Instant effect.

100% vegan product. Not tested in animals.

Argan, myrrh, macadamia, ojon, sweet almonds, jasmine, and rosemary oils.

Remove excess water and apply the Kalice hair mask, evenly from roots to ends. Run fingers through hair and let it stand for 3-5 minutes. Rinse and style as desired. Apply at least once a month for best results. Use as part of a regular hair-care routine with other Kalice hair products for maximum effect.

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